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How are licenses allocated to a user?


Your organisation will normally have a different group for each course that you purchase. (Display Screen Equipment Training is an exception as there will be two courses in this group.)

When licences are purchased, they are allocated to your user group for that particular course. When you add a new user to the group, they have not yet used up a licence.

The licences are assigned to users either:

1. When a user in the group launches the training for the first time.


2. When a user in the group has their training renewed. Renewing the training is done so that refresher training can take place and, once completed, the new certificate has the updated completion date.

Once a licence has been assigned to a user:

  • The number of available licences in the group will decrease by one.
  • The licence cannot be reassigned.

Please note: If a user has not launched the training they have not used a licence.

You can check the number of licences you have available, and order new licences, on the Homepage in the Group Licences panel of the Home page.

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