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The Importance of Fire Safety Online Training

Every year there are thousands of workplace fires where people lose their life or get seriously injured. Staff in the workplace need to be able to react quickly and properly if a fire breaks out. Online fire safety training helps to avoid the possibility of injury and death, as well as the loss of property. Fire safety awareness training can literally save lives.

Why choose Online Training with i2Comply

All of our online training courses include professional audio narration and are interactive, engaging and self-paced. Each topic includes questions that prepare you thoroughly for the final assessment, which can be taken as often as necessary.

Online training courses deliver the same content to everyone, which makes the training consistent and reliable. The interactive content and assessment maximise retention of course material. Not forgetting the training is available anytime and anywhere.

  • Fire Extinguisher Awareness Online Training Course
    ex. vat
    Approximate course duration: 1 hour
    This online Fire Extinguisher Awareness training course ensures learners understand what the different types of fire extinguishers are, how to identify them and what types of fire they should be used on. This will give you the confidence to use a fire extinguisher, or a fire blanket, safely and effectively during an emergency.
  • Fire Marshal / Warden Online Training Course
    ex. vat
    Approximate course duration: 1-2 hours
    This online Fire Marshal training course will enable you to carry out the duties and responsibilities of a Fire Marshal / Fire Warden. PLEASE NOTE: Users should complete Fire Safety Awareness Training before taking this course.
  • Fire Safety Awareness Online Training Course
    ex. vat
    Approximate course duration: 1 hour
    This online Fire Safety Awareness training course explains the conditions which promote fire, how to prevent fires from starting and what to do should a fire break out.
  • Fire Safety Awareness Online Training Course (Care Homes)
    ex. vat
    Approximate course duration: 1 hour
    This online Fire Safety Awareness (Adult Residential Care) training course identifies fire safety concerns and measures that apply in adult residential care settings and will prepare you for workplace specific training that you will receive from your employer.
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