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How do I monitor the training progress of my staff?


If you purchase training courses for your team, you may want to assign someone from your organisation to be a group manager on our training system. A group manager can set up new profiles, issue passwords, track learning progress and print certificates.

To request group manager access, simply go to our website https://www.i2comply.com/, purchase through our shop and enter group manager details at checkout. After this point you can contact our support team at support@i2Comply.com, to arrange group manager access.

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Single sign-on (SSO)

Our LMS can be configured to authenticate with your systems, so your users don’t need to remember additional passwords or usernames.

Competence Assurance

Our integrated software environment helps you to plan, develop and monitor enterprise capability and compliance, to minimise the risk of incidents and non-compliance.

Bespoke Online Training

We believe that a desire to acquire new knowledge and skills is the most powerful motivator for most individuals - not gimmicks or tricks.

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