What food hygiene certificate do I need?

What food hygiene certificate do I need

Training in food safety and hygiene is crucial for anyone engaged in the preparation or management of food. This applies whether you are working in a school, nursery, restaurant or cafe. The Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 state that every person involved in handling food is required to receive training that matches their specific food-related duties. A food hygiene certificate is a great way for businesses to demonstrate this.

This article will outline the different levels of food hygiene courses and why they are required.

Why are there different levels of food hygiene?

Businesses face various risks and hazards concerning food hygiene. Whether you operate a small café offering packaged sandwiches or a high-end hotel serving 200 guests. Your staff require training to the risks specific to their role.

  1. Level 1 (Low risk) – is for people working with food but not directly preparing it

    If your role involves working with pre-packaged or wrapped food, you only need to take a Food Hygiene Level 1 course. The Level 1 course provides a basic understanding of the principles of food hygiene. It also covers how to work safely when handling pre-packaged low-risk foods.

    A Food Hygiene Level 1 course typically take around 1 hour to complete.

  2. Level 2 (High risk) – is for people who prepare food

    If your role involves food preparation, you will need to complete a Food Hygiene Level 2 course. This level of course give a comprehensive understanding of food hygiene. It also ensures you can work safely to reduce the chances of contamination. Knowledge of best hygiene practices is essential to serving food that is safe for consumption.

    A Food Hygiene Level 2 course will take around 2 hours to complete.

  3. Level 3 (Supervisory) – is for owners, managers, and supervisors

    If you are a business owner, general manager or supervisor in the catering industry, you would require a Level 3 Food Hygiene course. A level 3 course provides a solid understanding of the risks and hazards involved in the preparation and serving of food. It will explain how to implement and monitor an effective HACCP food safety management system. It will also cover ways to avoid cross-contamination, appropriate cleaning methods, pests and food poisoning.

    A Food Hygiene Level 3 course will roughly take around 5 hours to complete.

Why are Food Hygiene & Safety courses necessary?

kitchen staff
Every food establishment is required to adhere to laws regarding food safety and cleanliness so they can avoid endangering the well-being of their customers.

The Food Safety Act 1990 states a food business must ensure that they do not treat or process food in a way that makes it harmful to eat.

Food Hygiene Regulations requires food businesses to ensure that they perform their activities hygienically. This applies to any activity related to food handling, preparation, processing, packaging, storage, transportation and selling.

However, according to the Food Standards Agency, there are still 2.4 million cases of foodborne illness per year in the UK.

Is a food hygiene certificate needed by law?

While you are not required to possess a food hygiene certificate, it’s crucial for food establishments to uphold high levels of food safety. This is not just for the safety of their customers, but also for their reputation. Loss of reputation can significantly affect a business. According to Price Bailey, a total of 1,932 restaurant businesses went bust in 2023, a 45% increase on 2022.

Hence, obtaining a Food Hygiene training certificate serves as an excellent method to demonstrate that your employees are properly trained in food hygiene practices.

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