I2Comply Online Training Courses Now Approved by IIRSM

i2Comply IIRSM Approved Training 2023 to 2026

I2Comply is excited to announce that a range of their courses has been approved by the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM).

Providing high-quality, engaging, accurate content, at an affordable price, is at the core of our values. Learners need to have the confidence that the content they are learning from meets industry standards. Therefore, we aim to gain relevant accreditations for our courses. This way we can be sure that our learners get high-quality, appropriate content.

IIRSM is an independent charity, dedicated to championing risk management. Their aim is to drive positive change for employee and organisational wellbeing. IIRSM provides practical education, training, advice, resources and networking to help organisations manage risk in a wide array of industries and sectors.

Their training approval process assesses four key areas:

  1. learning experience
  2. technical content
  3. competence of the subject matter experts
  4. overall quality of the course

IIRSM’s stamp of approval confirms to our customers that we take training design seriously and that our courses are of the highest standard.

Online Courses Approved by IIRSM

Here is a full list of our online courses that have the approval of IIRSM:

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Our Anti-Bribery and Corruption online training course ensures organisations are aware of, and understand, the UK Bribery Act 2010 and the importance of conducting business in a non-corrupt way. The course will make learners aware of situations where bribery offences could be committed and how to avoid them.

Anti-Money Laundering

Our Anti-Money Laundering training course explains the UK laws that were implemented to prevent money laundering. It also covers how money laundering works and how to prevent it from happening in an organisation.

Data Protection and the GDPR

Our Data Protection and GDPR online training course explains data protection principles and subject rights. It also identifies how the regulations protect personal data and how they affect organisations and individuals. The course is suitable for all employees within an organisation to gain an understanding of Data Protection and GDPR regulations.

Data Protection and the GDPR

Our Advanced Data Protection and the GDPR online training course is a comprehensive, step-by-step explanation of the purpose of the GDPR. It also explains the duties and obligations it places upon organisations and individuals that handle personal information, and the steps to be take to comply with the GDPR.

Risk Assessment

Our Risk Assessment training explains the need for risk assessments. It covers the essential steps in carrying out an effective risk assessment in the workplace. The aim of the course is to help employers and self-employed workers meet their legal duties under health and safety legislation. The course is suitable for all workplaces.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Our LMS can be configured to authenticate with your systems, so your users don’t need to remember additional passwords or usernames.

Competence Assurance

Our integrated software environment helps you to plan, develop and monitor enterprise capability and compliance, to minimise the risk of incidents and non-compliance.

Bespoke Online Training

We believe that a desire to acquire new knowledge and skills is the most powerful motivator for most individuals - not gimmicks or tricks.

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