Menopause Awareness Training

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Our Menopause Awareness training course will take approximately one hour to complete. It explains what the menopause is and what the signs and symptoms are. You’ll learn about a range of treatments available and explore how an organisation can support staff who are experiencing menopause.

About 13 million people are currently perimenopausal or menopausal in the UK. This is equivalent to a third of the entire UK female population. Almost 80% of people experiencing menopause are in work. Most, but not all, of these people are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms. 14 million working days are lost each year to menopause. Many women leave work because menopause symptoms make things too difficult for them. A greater understanding of menopause issues and treatments could greatly reduce the cost to businesses.

What is Menopause?

The menopause is when menstrual periods stop due to reduced hormone levels. It’s a natural part of ageing that usually happens between 45 and 55 years old. There are a wide variety of symptoms associated with menopause. Menopause can cause symptoms like anxiety, mood swings, brain fog, hot flushes and irregular periods. These symptoms can start years before your periods stop and carry on for a long time afterwards.

Who should complete a Menopause Awareness elearning course?

The information within this awareness course has been designed for all employees across all industry sectors, to help give a better understanding of menopause. It is a perfect resource to help if you are transitioning through the menopause, or looking for information to help you support a colleague.

What are the learning outcomes for the Menopause Awareness training course?

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Describe perimenopause and menopause.
  • Identify symptoms of menopause.
  • Outline risks and benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy.
  • Describe natural remedies for menopause symptoms.
  • Identify and describe workplace issues relating to menopause.

When do I get my Menopause Awareness training certificate?

Menopause Awareness Example Certificate

When you have completed the training, you can instantly download your course certificate from the training system.

How long is this Menopause Awareness training certificate valid for?

Your Menopause Awareness course certificate does not expire. However, based on best practice guidelines, we recommend the training is retaken every 3 years.

Your training certificate will contain the recommended renewal date.

Example Screens from our Menopause Awareness online training course

These screenshots from the Menopause Awareness training course show our commitment to creating engaging and informative online courses. By incorporating a variety of elements such as text, images, questions, tables, and professional audio, we strive to deliver content that is educational, easy to comprehend and enjoyable for learners.

(Click on the example screens below to view)

Menopause Awareness Example 1 Menopause Awareness Example 2 Menopause Awareness Example 3

What does the Menopause Awareness course cover?

The course contains the following six topics:

1 – Introduction to menopause issues

The first topic is an introduction to menopause. It defines perimenopause and menopause, identifies who is affected and outlines the impact of menopause symptoms. Some legal issues are identified.

2 – Triggers for menopause

The second topic covers what triggers menopause. You will learn about ‘normal’, early and premature menopause and the impact of surgery and certain health conditions.

3 – Menopause symptoms

Topic three is about menopause symptoms. You’ll learn about the variability and duration of symptoms. The topic outlines physical, cognitive and emotional symptoms.

4 – Treatment – HRT

The fourth topic is about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for menopause symptoms. It covers the benefits, the risks and side effects of HRT.

5 – Natural treatments

Topic five is about natural treatments that can alleviate menopause symptoms. The topic covers the impact of smoking, alcohol and caffeine. It identifies the benefits of a good diet, exercise and relaxation. The topic also discusses the impact of relaxation techniques and talking therapy.

6 – Workplace issues

The final topic is about workplace issues. You will learn about why it is so important for organisations to address menopause-related health problems. It outlines the contribution that can be made by menopause policies, sickness policies and risk assessments. Finally it covers the importance of training and the role of menopause champions.

Menopause Awareness online course assessment

The course assessment comprises of 15 questions drawn from question banks. This dynamic approach ensures that learners receive a new set of questions with each assessment, making it suitable for both initial and refresher training. By providing varied assessments, individuals have the opportunity to continually test and reinforce their knowledge, enhancing the effectiveness of the training.

Menopause Awareness online course reviews

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What are the benefits of menopause training?

It is important for employers to be aware of all of the people who might go through the menopause and menopause symptoms, and to support them all equally. Menopause Awareness training helps employers and employees gain a wider understanding of the menopause. Menopause training will:

  • Raise awareness about the menopause.
  • Deal with misunderstandings about the realities of menopause.
  • Give knowledge of treatment options to aid health and wellbeing.
  • Help to reduce the amount of sick days taken by employees.
  • Show your commitment to supporting all staff.

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