Equality and Diversity Awareness Course

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This Equality and Diversity Awareness online training course is about UK laws on equality in the workplace.

The course makes you aware of the importance of equality and the benefits of diversity. It outlines the nine protected characteristics in the Equality Act 2010. It also describes the different types of discrimination and includes examples of when each type might occur in the workplace.

Some groups of people experience discrimination based on things like race, disability, sex and sexual orientation. Nobody should have a poorer life because of the way they were born, where they come from, what they believe, or a disability.

Online training is cost-effective and means that people can do the training at a time that suits them. They can also work at their own pace and repeat topics as often as they like.

The training course duration is around 2 hours.

What is equality?

Equality is about ensuring that every person has the same opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents.

In society, and at work, we must treat everyone as an individual regardless of their background or lifestyle. When you embrace equality, your organisation benefits from diversity in the workforce.

UK laws ensure that people are not discriminated against. In addition, promoting equality in the workplace adds value to an organisation and contributes to wellbeing and productivity.

What are the benefits of Equality and Diversity?

When everyone is given equal opportunities, people can achieve their full potential. Equality makes the best use of the talents of all workers. This is especially true among those groups that are often disadvantaged.

Employees of all ages, genders, races and cultural backgrounds benefit the workforce with their vast array of skills and ideas. Different people bring different perspectives, ideas and abilities to the table. Consequently, this variety will improve productivity and help your business to grow.

If it is clear that everyone in your business is treated equally, then employees are more likely to be happy in their role.

For more information on the subject read our article on the benefits of Equality and Diversity in the workplace.

Who is Equality and Diversity Awareness training for?

The course is suitable for employees in any work environment. It will help them to understand their role in workplace equality.

What are the learning outcomes for Equality and Diversity course?

At the end of the Equality and Diversity Awareness course you will be able to explain:

  • 6 important equality terms.
  • How diversity benefits an organisation.
  • The 9 protected characteristics in the Equality Act.
  • What a hate crime is.
  • How hate crime affects sentencing.
  • 4 types of discrimination, what they mean and how to avoid them.
  • What the terms harassment and victimisation mean.
  • The purpose of the Public Sector Equality Duty.
  • What the terms Positive Action and Positive Discrimination mean.
  • How human rights laws are linked to equality.

When do I get my Equality and Diversity training certificate?

Equality and Diversity Certificate

When you have passed the Equality and Diversity Awareness course you can download your certificate straight away.

All of our online training courses conform to CPD guidelines. As a result they have been accredited by the CPD Certification Service. Your certificate will include the CPD logo so you can use it as evidence of compliance.

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Example Screens from Equality and Diversity Awareness course

See below three example screens from our Equality and Diversity Awareness online training course. From the screen designs you will see we have kept our design clean and simple. From the feedback we have received, this is what our customers prefer.

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What does the Equality and Diversity Awareness course cover?

The online course contains these 10 topics:

1 – The Language of Equality and Diversity

The first topic explains six equality terms. Then it suggests how you can apply them at work.

2 – Why Bother About Equality and Diversity?

The second topic is about the benefits of diversity. It explains why monitoring is important. The topic also explains how an employer’s way of working can be unfair to some groups of people.

3 – Equality and the Law

The third topic explains the purpose of the Equality Act 2010 and other relevant laws. Then it identifies four types of prohibited conduct. The topic also describes hate crime, with examples, and outlines how hate crime affects sentencing.

4 – Direct Discrimination

Topic 4 describes Direct Discrimination. This includes discrimination based on people you are with and what people believe about you. The topic includes relevant examples. You will also learn about some things you need to do to for people with disabilities.

5 – Indirect Discrimination

Topic 5 describes Indirect Discrimination, with examples of when this might occur. You will also learn how treating everybody in exactly the same way can in fact lead to problems for some groups of people.

6 – Harassment

Topic 6 explains the term harassment and gives relevant examples. You will also learn about five different types of harassment.

7 – Victimisation

Topic 7 is about victimisation. You will learn about what this term means. You will also explore some interesting examples.

8 – The Public Sector Equality Duty

Topic 8 describes the Public Sector Equality Duty. It also outlines what people who work in this sector must do to comply with the duty.

9 – Positive Action

Topic 9 explains Positive Action and Positive Discrimination. It also gives examples of both of these in the workplace. You will learn about why one of these is against the law and the other is encouraged.

10 – Equality, Diversity and Human Rights

Lastly, the final topic is about human rights. It explains the link between human rights and the Equality Act.

Equality and Diversity online course Assessment

When you have finished the ten topics, you can have a go at the online assessment. The questions are different every time you take the assessment. This means the Equality and Diversity Awareness course is useful for both initial and refresher training.

There is no limit on the number of attempts you can have. You will get feedback so you can learn from any mistakes. You can also review any of the topics before your next attempt.

Equality and Diversity online course reviews

i2Comply ReviewsThis is one of our newly improved online training courses which now has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. We listen, and after reading your feedback, we have made several improvements to this course. Any comments left about the online course are useful to potential customers.

Once you have taken the course please spare a minute and leave a review, reviews are very important to us.

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