Mental Health Awareness Online Course

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This online mental health awareness course will introduce you to important concepts of mental health. You will learn about how poor mental health impacts people’s lives, what you and employers can do to support colleagues with mental health problems, and several specific mental health conditions.

0.8 million workers suffered work-related stress, depression, or anxiety in 2020-21. As a manager or business owner, being aware and knowledgeable about mental health and related conditions will help you support your staff appropriately if a colleague is struggling to work.

The approximate duration of this training course is 2 hours. However, you can take as long as you want to view the training.

The importance of having Mental Health Awareness

There is strong evidence that workplaces with high levels of mental well-being are more productive. Positive mental health at work helps us cope with changing roles, complex challenges, and stressful situations.

Early intervention is essential when it comes to spotting the signs of mental health conditions. Those around us in the workplace are the most likely to spot those signs. However, people tend to distance themselves when a colleague, friend, or family member is diagnosed with a mental health condition. They want to help but do not know how to. People who have had appropriate mental health awareness training are far more likely to offer help.

Our online mental health awareness course provides the opportunity to identify, understand and support someone suffering.

Who is the Mental Health Awareness course for?

This mental health awareness online course is suitable for all employees who wish to understand more about mental health conditions and the impact these can have in the workplace.

This course is invaluable if you manage or are responsible for staff in any way. It will allow you to support your colleagues and adopt positive mental health strategies in the workplace.

The course is not aimed at a specific industry; we have had course licence purchases from a variety of workplaces such as schools and colleges, retail, and call centres.

What are the learning outcomes for the Mental Health Awareness course?

After completing the course you will be able to describe:

  • The prevalence of mental health problems
  • The potential impact of poor mental health
  • UK legislation that applies to mental health
  • What to do in a mental health emergency
  • What employers can do to help employees with mental health issues
  • The symptoms of a range of common mental health problems
  • Some ideas for how to help colleagues and employees who have mental health issues

When do I get my Mental Health Awareness course certificate?

Example Certificate

You can download and print your certificate immediately after you have successfully passed the mental health awareness course.

All of our courses conform to the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines and have been accredited by the CPD Certification Service. Your certificate will include the CPD logo and therefore, you can use it to provide evidence for compliance.

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Example Screens from the Mental Health Awareness course

Below you can see three screens taken from our online mental health awareness course. These images  give you an idea of what our online course looks like. We develop our slides and course material with simplicity and minimalism in mind. Our customers regularly tell us that this makes our training easy to follow and the information easy to remember.

(Click on the example screens below to view)

Online Mental Health Screenshot 1Online Mental Health Screenshot 2Online Mental Health Screenshot 3

What does the Mental Health Awareness course cover?

The online mental health awareness training course is extensive and covers all grounds in mental health, including the following 15 topics:

1 – The impact of poor mental health

The first topic is about the impact of poor mental health. You will learn about what tasks can be difficult when mental health is low and some of the more severe outcomes of poor mental health. The topic outlines the cost to UK business, and society in general, of mental health issues. It also identifies the groups of people that are more vulnerable to poor mental health.

2 – Legal and policy issues

The second topic describes the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act and explains how the Equality Act applies to mental health. It outlines the aims of the government’s Thriving at Work report and identifies relevant issues from data protection law.

3 – What to do in an emergency

The third topic defines what constitutes a mental health emergency. It explains what to do if you think you may be in danger and what to do when a person can’t be left alone. It identifies some ways to help a person in an emergency.

4 – What employers can do

Topic 4 identifies features of a healthy workplace. It suggests ways to communicate with someone who is off work due to poor mental health and how to make their return to work easier.

5 – Stress

Topic 5 is about the impact of stress on mental health. You will learn how to reduce your own stress levels and what employers must do about stress in the workplace. The topic identifies 6 aspects of work that impact on stress levels and should be managed by an employer.

6 – Bereavement

Topic 6 is about bereavement. It describes the feelings a person may go through on bereavement and why an organisation should support staff appropriately. The topic offers some dos and don’ts about bereavement.

7 – Depression

Topic 7 outlines symptoms and causes of depression. You will learn about some specific types of depression and how to support people who suffer from depression.

8 – Anxiety

Topic 8 identifies six types of anxiety disorder. It covers possible causes of these disorders and suggests ways you can support people suffering from anxiety.

9 – Bipolar Disorder

Topic 9 explains what bipolar disorder is and what might cause it. It describes typical symptoms during periods of depression and periods of mania. It suggests ways you can support staff with bipolar disorder.

10 – ADHD

Topic 10 describes ADHD and how it can affect adults. It describes possible causes and treatments, and how to help colleagues with ADHD.

11 – Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Topic 11 identifies three mental disorders in the autistic spectrum. You will learn about strengths that are common in a person with autism and also about problems they may face. The topic suggests some ways to support staff who have autism.

12 – Eating disorders

Topic 12 describes three eating disorders. It identifies warning signs and explains what eating disorders mean for employers.

13 – The Highly Sensitive Person

Topic 13 introduces the concept of the highly sensitive person. It identifies positive and negative aspects of the trait and also suggests how to get the best out of HSP staff.

14 – Personality Disorders

Topic 14 describes six personality disorders and discusses causes and treatment for these disorders. The topic identifies things that employers should consider for employees with a personality disorder.

15 – Schizophrenia

The final topic describes schizophrenia. You will learn about side effects of medication and what employers can do to help people with schizophrenia.

Mental health awareness online course assessment

Once you have completed all the topics, you will be allowed to take the assessment. The course generates an assessment from question banks so that the questions change each time you take the assessment. This makes the training suitable for initial and refresher training.

There is no limit on the number of attempts at the assessment. In addition, the online training course gives useful feedback so you can learn from incorrect responses.

Mental health awareness online course reviews

i2Comply ReviewsCommitting to an online training course can be tricky when a few options are available. It can be useful to look at the opinions of previous course participants. We have included reviews of our online mental health awareness course at the top of the page for browsing. If you can leave a review we would really appreciate it.

Our highly rated course includes reviews such as “Well presented and easy to navigate through course content, with clear directions for assessment” and “the online training course was very professional and informative all the key information was there and made easy to understand”.

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Why i2Comply for mental health awareness training?

There are good reasons why individuals and companies who purchase our course licenses come back repeatedly. It is because of 3 main things: we offer flexible courses, create engaging content, and offer our courses at competitive prices – starting at just £15 per person.

Our course licences don’t expire. They will remain in your account until you have time to study and complete the course. There is no set time when you should study, and you take the assessment when you feel ready to.

Our course materials are accessible, straightforward, and highly effective for retaining information. We will not make you read or study anything irrelevant to the subject and assessment.

Because we do not impose deadlines to complete the training, you can take advantage of our bulk purchases. We provide more information on how much you could save on the left-hand side of the page.

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Any further questions?

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Also, we have supplied answers to commonly asked questions regarding our online mental health awareness course, among others. You will find this in our Help & Knowledge base. We recommend searching in this section before contacting our team to save yourself time.

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