Fire Extinguisher Awareness Course

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This fire extinguisher training course describes the different types of fire extinguishers and identifies what types of fire they should be used on. The aim is to give you the confidence to use fire extinguishers and fire blankets correctly and safely.

I2Comply’s fire extinguisher course is available for all organisations, businesses and individuals who require fire extinguisher certification.

It is a legal requirement for every employee of every business in the UK to complete adequate fire safety awareness training. This should be taken when they are first employed and again on being exposed to new or increased risks.

Why is fire extinguisher training important?

Everyone in the workplace needs to understand that using the wrong type of extinguisher on a fire can make the situation worse.

It is equally important that people learn, before there is a fire, about where to locate a fire extinguisher and how to use it, so they can act confidently and correctly when needed.

Fire extinguisher training gives people knowledge and confidence with fire extinguishers that can save lives, reduce injuries, and prevent damage to property. Fire extinguishers don’t put out fires on their own.

Read our article on the importance of fire safety training, and you’ll find additional information on the significance of having an individual trained up on how to use a fire extinguisher appropriately.

Who is fire extinguisher awareness training for?

Fire marshals must receive practical training on how to use fire extinguishers. This course is a good introduction to the use of fire extinguishers before you start practical training. It is also a useful resource for fire extinguisher refresher training.

All employees will benefit from up-to-date knowledge of the different types of fire extinguishers. Note, however, that it is not a legal requirement for employees to complete fire extinguisher training.

In addition to fire extinguisher training, we provide a wealth of online fire safety courses. See how your business can benefit from additional fire safety knowledge by viewing all our courses.

What are the learning outcomes for the fire extinguisher course?

At the end of your online fire extinguisher course, you will be able to describe:

  • The 3 essential components of the fire triangle
  • 5 different classes of fire
  • 8 types of fire extinguisher
  • Which classes of fire each extinguisher should be used for
  • How to use a fire blanket
  • The basic PASS method used to operate a fire extinguisher

What will you learn in a fire extinguisher training course?

This fire extinguisher awareness course teaches you how to use a fire extinguisher safely. You’ll also gain an understanding of all the different types of fire extinguishers and what their purposes are.

If you’d like further information on the content you will cover after enrolling in our online training, you’ll find it below in the course topics breakdown.

When do I get my fire extinguisher awareness certificate?

Unlike some other online training providers, we want you to have your certificate the minute you have passed the course. As soon as you have passed the assessment, you can download and print your Fire Extinguisher Awareness certificate.

Your certificate will include the RoSPA Qualifications and the CPD Certification Service logos so you can use it to provide evidence for compliance.

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How long is this fire extinguisher awareness certificate valid for?

Your fire extinguisher training certificate includes a recommended renewal date rather than an expiry date. To maintain knowledge of the types of fire extinguisher and their uses, we recommend the training is retaken annually.

To renew your certificate just purchase a new licence before your renewal date arrives. We will then refresh your account so you can retake the training. There is no set time to take the assessment – course participants can complete this at any time.

Can this training course act as evidence for SSIP accreditations like CHAS, SafeContractor and ConstructionLine?

Yes, you can use our Fire Extinguisher Awareness course certificate as evidence of industry-related training. This evidence is important for SSIP accreditations.

The course helps you to ensure that your staff all receive appropriate online training and that you have the certificates to prove it. However, each individual accreditation body will decide whether our online courses are sufficient for your company’s training requirements.

Example screens from the fire extinguisher awareness training course

Take a look below at our example screenshots from our fire extinguisher awareness course. The online course is designed to be simple but informative, with clear course and topic objectives. Topic questions reinforce knowledge retention. Using a mixture of text, images, tables and professional audio, each page is clear and in a simple format, making our courses easy to learn from.

(Click on the example screens below to view)

Example Screens on Fire Extinguisher Awareness Training 1Example Screens on Fire Extinguisher Awareness Training 2Example Screens on Fire Extinguisher Awareness Training 3

What does the Fire Extinguisher Awareness course cover?

The following 12 topics are covered in the online course:

1 – About fire

The first topic identifies the three essential elements of fire and the five classes of fire.

2 – Fire extinguisher legal issues

The second fire extinguisher topic is about legal issues. It describes UK law relating to fire extinguishers. You will also learn about who is responsible for fire extinguishers in a building, the minimum number required, where to locate them, and when to maintain them.

3 – How to use a fire extinguisher

The third topic describes when you should and should not tackle a fire. You will learn about what can happen if you use the wrong type of fire extinguisher and how to operate a fire extinguisher with the basic PASS method.

4 – What are water fire extinguishers

The fourth topic is about water fire extinguishers. You will learn about how to identify them, which fires to use them on and which fires NOT to use them on. Finally, the topic describes how a water extinguisher puts out a fire, and where to aim the extinguisher.

5 – What are water mist fire extinguishers

Topic five is about water mist fire extinguishers. You will learn the colour code for a water mist fire extinguisher. The topic also covers which fires you should and should NOT use these extinguishers on, how the extinguisher puts out a fire and where to aim it.

6 – What are dry powder (ABC) fire extinguishers

Topic six is about dry powder fire extinguishers. You will learn the colour code, which fires to use these extinguishers on, how they put out a fire, and where to aim them.

7 – What are dry powder (M28 and L2) fire extinguishers

Topic seven is about dry powder M28 and dry powder L2 fire extinguishers. The topic covers the colour code, which fires to use them on, how they put out fire, and where to aim them.

8 – What are foam fire extinguishers

Topic eight is about foam fire extinguishers. You will learn the colour code, which fires to use them on, how they put out fire, and finally, where to aim them.

9 – What are CO2 fire extinguishers

Topic nine is about CO2 fire extinguishers. The topic covers the colour code and which fires to use them on. Then you’ll learn about how they put out fire, and where to aim them.

10 – What are wet chemical fire extinguishers

Topic ten is about wet chemical fire extinguishers. The topic identifies the colour code and which fires to use them on. Then the topic covers how these extinguishers put out fire, and where to aim them.

11 – What are lith-Ex fire extinguishers

Topic eleven is about Lith-Ex fire extinguishers. The topic covers the colour code, which fires to use them on, how they put out fire, and then where to aim them. The topic also identifies common devices that use Lithium-ion batteries.

12 – What are fire blankets

Topic twelve is about fire blankets. You will learn about which fires you can use them on. The topic also covers how to use them on a cooking oil fire and how to use them on a person whose clothes are on fire.

Fire extinguisher online course assessment

After completing the twelve topics in this online course, you will have access to the fire extinguisher assessment. There is no limit to the number of attempts you can have on the assessment.

The assessment contains 20 questions that are taken from question banks. This course is suitable for initial and refresher training because the questions change each time a learner takes the fire extinguisher assessment.

When purchasing i2Comply’s online fire extinguisher course, you won’t have to complete the assessment within a specific period. Our courses are designed so you can take the assessment whenever you are ready. This takes away the pressure you’d expect with a traditional in-person course.

Fire extinguisher online course reviews

i2Comply ReviewsWith an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, our Fire Extinguisher Awareness course gets very positive reviews. Click on the stars under the page heading and read the reviews that other people have left.

Feedback on this course is extremely positive, with customers saying our course is “informative and detailed”, “straight forward, clear and easy to follow” and “excellent very informative and not too long.”.

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What makes i2Comply the perfect choice for training?

Our online course has professional audio narration alongside the text and illustrations. The course is engaging, interactive and self-paced. Each topic in the course includes questions that prepare you thoroughly for the final assessment, which can be taken as often as necessary.

We are one of the best-reviewed suppliers of online training in the UK. You can see what previous course participants have had to say about our online courses on our review site.

Why learn about fire extinguishers online?

Through years of providing online fire extinguisher awareness training to UK businesses and organisations, we’ve learned that all course participants are different. They all learn at a different pace, and we respect this. We are proud to provide a training format where learning time is unlimited prior to your assessment.

Online training can save you money. No longer will you have to fork out on training expenses such as travel and accommodation. Our fire extinguisher awareness course is just £15 per person. This makes i2Comply a budget-saving choice for training.

Require some additional assistance?

We are transparent about our online courses. Have any questions you’d like to be answered? Get in touch with one of our specialists today. You can get in contact at 0333 577 5016 or

Our team is always happy to help and answer any questions.

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