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Our Prevent Duty online training course explains the main points of the Prevent Duty and the measures that schools and childcare providers must take in order to comply with it.

Examples and scenarios will make you aware of the indicators that a child may be vulnerable to radicalisation and what to do if you believe a child is at risk.

For employers, it is an easy way to ensure that they comply with the legal responsibilities under Section 26 of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015.

The course takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

What is meant by Prevent Duty?

The Prevent Duty is a duty on certain organisations to safeguard vulnerable people and communities from being radicalised to supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists.

All schools and registered childcare providers have to conform with Prevent. They need to have clear procedures in place and fulfil their obligations under Prevent to protect students from the threat of radicalisation and extremism. The Prevent Duty is part of a school’s or childcare provider’s wider duty to safeguard children.

Read our short article to learn more on Who needs to comply with the Prevent duty.

Why is Prevent Duty training important?

In order for school staff and childcare providers to fulfil the Prevent Duty, they must be able to identify the warning signs that a child may be vulnerable to radicalisation and know what to do if they suspect that a child is at risk. Also, if a child is voicing extremist opinions, school staff and childcare providers should be able to respond proportionately and challenge their extremist ideas.

Our Prevent Duty training provides clear examples and scenarios that will make you aware of the indicators that a child may be vulnerable to radicalisation and what to do if you believe a child is at risk. Also, it will provide guidance on how to appropriately respond to extremism.

Who is Prevent Duty training for?

This Prevent Duty online training course is relevant to anyone who works in a school or as a childcare provider.

What are the learning outcomes for the Prevent online training course?

At the end of the Prevent training course you will be able to:

  • State what the Prevent Duty is and how it works.
  • Understand what Channel is and how it relates to Prevent.
  • Identify key legislation relating to Prevent.
  • Provide examples of the signs of radicalisation.
  • Recall what individuals and organisations must do to comply with Prevent.
  • Explain the need for sharing information.
  • Use examples to explain how to respond to extremism.
  • Recall other sources of information for schools about Prevent.

When do I get my Prevent training certificate?

Prevent Online Training Certificate Example

When you have successfully passed the course you will be able to download and print your certificate straight away.

All of our courses conform to the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines and have been accredited by the CPD Certification Service. Your certificate will include the CPD logo and therefore, you can use it to provide evidence for compliance.

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How long is this Prevent training certificate valid for?

Your Prevent Duty course certificate will not expire. However, to ensure your knowledge of the Prevent Duty is still current and that you remain vigilant in spotting any warning signs that a child may be at risk, we recommend refreshing the course after 2 years from completion. This recommended renewal date will be noted on your certificate.

Example Screens from Prevent Duty Online Training

Click on the images below to view example screens from our Prevent Duty training course. The course contains well-structured learning material and provides clear examples and scenarios. This will help you to understand the material, so that you are aware of how to spot any indicators that a child may be vulnerable to radicalisation and what to do if you believe a child is at risk.

(Click on the example screens below to view)

Prevent Duty Online Training Screenshot Example 1Prevent Duty Online Training Screenshot Example 2Prevent Duty Online Training Screenshot Example 3

What does the Prevent training course cover?

The online course contains the following 7 topics:

1 – Introduction to the Prevent Duty

The first topic explains the terms ‘radicalisation’, ‘British values’ and ‘extremism’. It outlines the Prevent Duty and explains the relationship between Prevent and safeguarding duties. The topic identifies which organisations must comply with the duty.

2 – How the Prevent Duty works

The second topic outlines the role of schools and childcare providers play in preventing radicalisation. It describes the counter-terrorism scheme called Channel and the role this plays in safeguarding young people.

3 – Complying with Prevent

The third topic identifies what a Prevent risk assessment covers and other organisations that schools must work with. You will learn about how the internet poses a risk for young people and what schools must do about those risks. The topic covers information sharing and record keeping. It also explains who is responsible for compliance and what happens if you do not comply with the Prevent Duty.

4 – Sharing Information

Topic 4 describes the legislation that applies to sharing information under the Prevent duty. This includes requirements for school leaders and staff.

5 – Vulnerabilities and Signs of Radicalisation

Topic 5 identifies vulnerabilities that can lead children to radical views and behaviours that are causes for concern.

6 – How to Respond to Extremism

Topic 6 proposes a procedure for reporting a concern and discusses the importance of responding proportionately. It gives examples of how to promote resilience to extremism.

7 – Accessing Support

The final topic provides some further sources of information about Prevent.

Prevent online training course assessment

The assessment becomes accessible when a candidate has done all seven topics. The assessment is generated from question banks so the questions vary each time they take the assessment. As a result, the training is good for both initial and refresher training.

The candidate can have unlimited attempts at the assessment. In addition, the candidate gets constructive feedback so they learn from any mistakes.

Prevent online training course reviews

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