Noise Awareness Training Course

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  • Assured by RoSPA Qualifications
  • Certified by CPD
  • Audio voiceover
  • Approximate course duration 1 hour
  • Downloadable certificate on completion

This Online Noise Awareness training course makes you aware of the hazards posed by high levels of noise in the workplace. It also identifies the measures that you can take to avoid hearing damage.

The law requires employers to take reasonable steps to safeguard the health and safety of all employees. Therefore, employers need to raise awareness about the noise hazards in the workplace, and need to outline what can be done to minimise risk.

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The importance of Noise Awareness training

More than 11 million people in the UK suffer with forms of hearing loss. When hearing loss occurs, it is irreversible. Regular exposure to loud noises can affect your hearing. Noise at work can also reduce workers’ awareness of their surroundings, making accidents more likely. Noise Awareness training is an effective way of raising awareness so you can prevent damage to your hearing. This course will make you aware of the hazards posed by high levels of noise and what level of noise is safe.

Our noise awareness training identifies those at risk, what the dangers are, and how to reduce them.

Who is Noise Awareness training for?

The course is suitable for anyone who works in an industry that exposes them to high levels of noise.

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 states that “Suitable and sufficient information and training (must be provided) for employees, such that work equipment may be used correctly, in order to minimise their exposure to noise.”

What are the learning outcomes for the Noise Awareness course?

After completing the course you will be able to describe:

  • The effects of noise on hearing.
  • The warning signs that your workplace is too noisy.
  • How the ear works.
  • Examples of acceptable and unacceptable noise levels.
  • What actions should be taken at exposure action values.
  • The key components of a prioritised noise control action plan.
  • Three control measures to reduce noise hazards.

When do I get my Noise Awareness certificate?

Noise Awareness Certificate Example

When you have successfully passed the online course you will be able to download and print your certificate straight away.

All of our courses conform to the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines. The CPD Certification Service has accredited the courses.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents through their RoSPA Qualifications Assurance System, have assured the training course, as providing up-to-date, quality and content-approved training.

Your certificate will include both logos, therefore you can use it to provide evidence for compliance.

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How long is this Noise Awareness certificate valid for?

Your Noise Awareness certificate has no expiry date. However, to ensure knowledge of the risk posed by high levels of noise is maintained we recommend a renewal period of 2 years. This recommended renewal date will be on your certificate.

Can this training course act as evidence for SSIP accreditations like CHAS, SafeContractor and ConstructionLine?

Yes, you can use our Noise Awareness training course certificate as evidence of industry-related training. Industry-related training evidence is important for SSIP accreditations. This online course helps you to ensure all staff receive appropriate training and that you have the certificates to prove it. However, each individual accreditation body will decide whether our online training courses are sufficient for your company’s training requirements.

Example Screens from the Noise Awareness course

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What does the Noise Awareness course cover?

The course contains the following 5 topics:

1 – Noise in the workplace

The first topic identifies how many people suffer from noise-induced hearing loss, and explains how serious this hearing loss can be. The topic describes short term and long term effects of loud noise. You will also learn about how excessive noise leads to stress and how this can impact life at work and at home. The topic also identifies some early signs of noise-induced hearing loss.

2 – Employer and employee responsibilities

The second topic outlines the laws that protect people from harmful levels of noise at work. It also identifies employer and employee responsibilities and the need for risk assessment. You will also learn about how an employer can estimate the levels of noise that employees are exposed to.

3 – How the ear works

The third topic describes the structure of the ear and how it processes sound. It explains how loud sounds damage your ear.

4 – How loud is too loud?

Topic 4 describes how sound is measured and what sounds are comfortable to hear. The topic also covers lower and upper exposure action values, and when hearing protection and health surveillance must be provided.

5 – Controlling noise levels in the workplace

The final topic describes the hierarchy of noise controls and how to draw up a noise-control action plan. The topic also explains how engineering controls help to reduce noise levels, and when to use PPE.

Online Noise Awareness Assessment

Once you have completed the five topics, you can take the assessment. The online course builds an assessment from question banks so that the questions change each time you take the assessment. Therefore the training is useful for initial and refresher training.

You can take the assessment as many times as necessary and the course gives useful feedback so you will learn from any wrong answers.

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