Legionella Awareness Training Course

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  • Assured by RoSPA Qualifications
  • Certified by CPD
  • Audio voiceover
  • Approximate course duration 1-2 hours
  • Downloadable certificate on completion
  • 100% online training

This Legionella Awareness online training course aims to ensure employers, managers and those with responsibility for the control of premises, understand what legionella is and what their legal duties are. It also ensures employees are aware of the risk posed by legionella and the measures taken to comply with UK health and safety legislation.

The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems: Approved Code of Practice (ACoP L8) gives specific information on the health and safety law that applies to controlling Legionella bacteria.

The importance of Legionella Awareness training

Cases of Legionnaires’ disease are on the rise in the UK. Cases usually peak between July and September. Warmer weather makes it easier for the deadly waterborne bacteria to grow. Although Legionnaire’s disease is usually easily treated with antibiotics, it can lead to long term health problems and even death.

Legionella bacteria grow in large numbers in warmed water systems that remain idle for long periods of time. This is why buildings with large and more complex water systems, such as hotels, hospitals, office blocks, schools and other large buildings are most at risk of Legionella infection.

Learn how to protect your organisation from Legionella bacteria with our Legionella Awareness online training course.

Who is Legionella Awareness training for?

This course is suitable for anyone in a position of responsibility for a water system on a premises, no matter how big or small the premises are. This includes employers, self-employed, landlords and letting agents. The course explains legal duties in relation to water systems and the control measures that building operators need to implement.

What are the learning outcomes for the Legionella Awareness course?

At the end of the course you will be able to explain:

  • What Legionnaires’ disease is and how legionellosis is contracted.
  • The groups at greater risk of contracting Legionnaires’ disease.
  • When and how the bacteria become a danger in a water system.
  • The key factors determining the type of water hygiene system that is put in place.
  • The important legislation and guidelines relevant to preventing outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease.
  • Who might be dutyholders.
  • Key dutyholder responsibilities.

When do I get my Legionella Awareness certificate?

Legionella Awareness Certificate Example

When you have successfully passed the course you will be able to download and print your certificate straight away.

All of our courses conform to the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines. The CPD Certification Service accredits the courses.

This Legionella Awareness course is also assured by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents through their RoSPA Qualifications Assurance System, as providing up-to-date, quality and content-approved training.

Your certificate will include both logos, therefore you can use it to provide evidence for compliance.

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How long is this Legionella Awareness certificate valid for?

Your Legionella Awareness certificate has no expiry date. However, to ensure knowledge of the risk posed by legionella is maintained we recommend a renewal period of 2 years. This recommended renewal date will be on your certificate.

Can this training course act as evidence for SSIP accreditations like CHAS, SafeContractor and ConstructionLine?

Yes, you can use our Legionella Awareness training course certificate as evidence of industry-related training. This evidence is important for SSIP accreditations. The course helps you to ensure your staff all receive appropriate training and that you have the certificates to prove it. However, each individual accreditation body will decide whether our online courses are sufficient for your company’s training requirements.

Example Screens from the Legionella Awareness course

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What does the Legionella Awareness course cover?

The online course contains the following 4 topics:

1 – What is Legionnaires’ disease

The first topic describes Legionnaires’ disease and other forms of legionellosis. You will also learn about where legionella bacteria occur.

2 – Contracting Legionnaires’ Disease

The second topic identifies the groups of people most at risk of legionellosis. You will learn about how people contract Legionnaires’ Disease and how common the disease is. The topic also describes symptoms and treatment for the disease.

3 – When do Legionella Bacteria Become a Danger

The third topic describes the conditions that promote the growth of legionella bacteria in a water system.

4 – Your Water Hygiene Programme

The final topic outlines the essential elements of a water hygiene programme. The topic defines dutyholder responsibilities and outlines the relevant legislation and guidance. You will learn how to manage legionella risks. The topic also covers the requirements of a written scheme and your record keeping duties.

Online Assessment

Once you have completed the four topics, you can take the assessment. The course generates an assessment from question banks so that the questions change each time a candidate takes the assessment. This makes the training suitable for both initial and refresher training.

There is no limit on the number of attempts at the assessment. In addition, the training course gives informative feedback so candidates can learn from incorrect responses.

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